I'm an addict.

You clicked on this link for a reason. Are you an addict? Or is someone you care deeply about an addict? You are not alone. I’m an addict. To be honest, I can become quickly addicted to anything.

The common theme throughout our ministry is Jesus. We will always point back to Jesus and the power of prayer when obstacles are before us. This site does not provide a step by step process to be healed from addictions. What we can provide is a real life example of how someone can overcome addictions by surrendering that addiction at the foot of the cross and letting the blood of Jesus wash you clean.

All of that might sound like a fairy tale and you think it is just “church” talk. Well, it’s not. I am living proof that Jesus can overcome your addiction.

I was an alcoholic for nearly 10 years. Many times throughout this 10 year period, I tried to stop. I tried to change. I tried to control my desires. I always lost. I always failed. However, there was a day that I got on my knees and asked for help.

I fully surrendered my addiction on January 30, 2008. Jesus beckoned me to leave my addiction at the foot of the cross. I have been completely sober since that moment. Why do I share this with you? To give you hope. There is an answer, but it will take full submission and humility to understand that you cannot do this alone.

One day at a time. I’m on your side.


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Invite the Gospel into your addiction.
Let the supernatural healing of Jesus win the battle for you.
— Bryan

I live with an addict.

Living with an addict is a lot like riding the world’s scariest roller coaster. There are highs, lows, and very sharp curves.

For 10 years, I lived with an addict. Most of you who live with or have lived with an addict know how emotionally draining it is.

Evenings out with friends ended in disaster. Sporting events ended in disaster. Birthday parties ended….you get my point. I started to hate any type of social event that might include alcohol. Bryan’s “issues” never came out until we were home…alone…just the two of us. I would pray most nights that he would just pass out. On nights when he did not pass out, it was like the roller coaster mentioned above. I was overcome with emotions of anger, fear, and doubt.

Living with an addict was one of the hardest issues we had. Trust is broken, anger sets in, control is out of your hands, and doubt overcomes you. This is true with ALL addictions and not just of alcohol.

There is hope living with an addict. This hope comes only through Jesus. If you are living with an addict, give up the control. Surrender your spouse to Jesus. You cannot change him or her. Only Jesus can fully heal your spouse. Pray for them. Pray for guidance. Pray for wisdom.

Jesus is right there hurting with you. Living with someone who suffers from addiction is not easy. It is hard and scary.

But you are never alone. We are in this together.


If you are in the middle of an addiction for know someone who is, please seek help. We have provided two trusted counselors for you. You can connect with them by going to our Resources page and finding their contact information.