Once I stopped running, I started running.

You are probably asking the question, “What does running have to do with a ministry?”

At some point, I believe that all of us are either running towards something or running from something. From a young age, I began running from something. I began running from the life that surrounded me.

Running became a pattern in my life. It carried into my adulthood. When things got tough in college, I ran. I attended 3 different colleges in 4 years. When things began to get difficult in my career, I ran. I had 5 jobs in the first 4 years of our marriage. When things got tough in my marriage, I ran. I ran to alcohol. I ran to isolation. I ran to adultery.

All of the years of running away from reality caught up with me to the point of exhaustion. It was in these moments of spiritual dehydration that the God of the universe reached down and breathed life into my lungs. I did not have to run anymore. I had never felt more at peace by being still.

Once I stopped running emotionally, I began running physically.

What happened next was something that I did not expect. Every time I put on my shoes and hit the pavement, God showed up. I fell in love with running but more importantly, I fell in love with Jesus as I would spend hours upon hours crying, praying, and listening to God’s whisper. It quickly became something much bigger than training for a marathon. It became my time to connect with my creator. When everything around me had fallen apart, God was putting the pieces back together deep within my soul.

I clearly heard his voice tell me, “I am giving you a new passion for running so I can spend time with you without any distractions. Do this in honor of me and for my glory.”

I have completed 46 marathons in 45 different states including the Chicago Marathon in 3 hours, 11 minutes, and 2 seconds to qualify for the 2018 Boston Marathon. My goal is to run a marathon in each state plus Washington DC. Once that goal is complete, God will lay on my heart another mission. For the time being, I know I am called to run marathons.

Running marathons is not about me. It is about connecting with Jesus in a very personal and intimate way. Each race has a story. Just as each one of you has a story. All of the sacrifice, pain, and suffering leading up to each race has been rewarded by crossing the finish line. Life is much like running a marathon. We go through seasons where pain and suffering is suffocating. However, there is a healer. There is a hope. His name is Jesus. When you cross the line of faith, Jesus will meet you when you surrender to Him and you will experience unending grace and forgiveness.

Jesus is calling you. Is today the day you need to cross that line of faith?

Run by faith.


Finished Marathons

Abilene, KS: April 2007
Miami, FL: January 2008
Little Rock, AR: March 2008
Oklahoma City, OK: April 2008
Las Vegas, NV: December 2008
New Orleans, LA: February 2009
Lincoln, NE: May 2009
Des Moines, IA: October 2009
Charlotte, NC: December 2009
Phoenix, AZ: January 2010
Nashville, TN: April 2010
San Diego, CA: June 2010
Seattle, WA: June 2010
Denver, CO: October 2010
San Antonio, TX: November 2010 Las Vegas, NV: December 2010

2016 - Bryan Moffitt - Running-1499.jpg

Louisville, KY: April 2011
Fargo, ND: May 2011
Greenville, SC: October 2011
Philadelphia, PA: November 2011
Birmingham, AL: February 2012
Virginia Beach, VA: March 2012
Brookings, SD: May 2012
Grand Rapids, MI: October 2012
Bloomington, IN: December 2012
Jackson, MS: January 2013
Atlanta, GA: March 2013
Missoula, MT: July 2013                          
Bristol, NH: October 2013
Portland, ME: October 2013 Albuquerque, NM: October 2013 Huntington, WV: November 2013


2016 - Bryan Moffitt - Running - BW-3770.jpg

Providence, RI: May 2014
Green Bay, WI: May 2014
Hartford, CT: October 2014
Cincinnati, OH: May 2015
Casper, WY: June 2015
Baltimore, MD: October 2015
Burlington, VT: May 2016
Chicago, IL: October 2016 (BQ)
Dewey Beach, DE: April 2017
Duluth, MN: June 2017                            
St. George, UT: October 2017
Boston, MA: April 2018                      
Eugene, OR: April 2018
Washington, DC: October 2018 Long Branch, NJ: April 2019


Scheduled Marathons

Pocatello, ID: August 2019
New York City, NY: November 2019
Honolulu, HI: December 2019 Anchorage, AL: June 2020 Kansas City, MO: October 2020

You are either running towards something or running from something.
Which direction are you running?
— Bryan