99 Reasons for Loving My Wife.

Do you remember 1999?

For just a moment, let’s go back in time 16 years. Wasn’t dial up internet just awesome! Once you logged on, you hoped nobody would call you so you didn’t get kicked off the internet. How about downloading an album of Pearl Jam on Napster at 10:30 at night only to wake up in the morning and realize that it was disconnected after song 3. Ugh.

The Broncos won the Super Bowl.

The Spurs won the NBA Championship.

The Yankees won the World Series.

The Royals went 64-97 and finished 32.5 games back.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were battling it out with “Baby One More Time” and “Genie in a Bottle”.

The Sixth Sense was the top grossing film. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was released.

TiVO was invented.

Facebook was still 5 years away. Gas was $1.22/gallon and a stamp cost 33 cents.

We watched 90210, ER, Friends, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Those things are all great but what I remember the most about 1999 is marrying the most wonderful woman in the world. I remember December 18th, 1999 as the day that my life would forever change.

I’m horrible at buying gifts. I’m not very good at remembering to get cards for special occasions. But I am good at telling the world how much I love Shayla.

At first I thought about writing 16 reasons why I love Shayla. You know, to celebrate our 16 Year Anniversary. But what fun is that? 16 would be a short list. If I am going to do this, I am going to do it with purpose. In honor of 1999, I am going to list 99 reasons.

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Here is my list of 99 Reasons Why I Love Shayla.

DISCLAIMER: This list is in no particular order and cannot be used to determine if one reason is more important than any other reason. I love Shayla equally for all reasons.

1- I love Shayla because she is beautiful. Before I was ever attracted to her heart, I was attracted to her beauty.

2- I love her eyes. Sometimes they look green. Sometimes they look blue. They ALWAYS look beautiful.

3- I love her competitiveness.

4- I love that she loves baseball and watching the Royals.

5- I love that she has a blanket from when she was a little girl. That blanket has gone everywhere over the past 16 years.

6- I love her sense of humor.

7- I love her strong will. If she is going to commit to something, she’s all in.

8- I love that we can run together. No matter what, she will always be my favorite running partner.

9- I love how she mows the yard. It always looks better when she is done than it does when I do it.

10- I love her as a mother. Our kids ADORE their mommy. Sometimes I catch myself in awe of how much they love her.

11- I love that she can back up a trailer. Having a wife who grew up on a farm is priceless.

12- I love her hands. They fit perfectly in mine.

13- I love her ability to bust out any 90’s rap song.

14- I love her compassion for others. She will do anything for you.

15- I love that we are best friends. Plain and simple.

16- I love that we are different from other couples. It’s not by coincidence.

17- I love that she loves ME.

18- I love that she drove a 1996 Chevy Silverado Z71 when we met.

19- I love that she loves pizza.

20- I love her smile. It shines so bright.

21- I love her strength to fight for what she believes in.

22- I love that she holds down the fort when I am away on business.

23- I love that Nike is her favorite shoe.

24- I love her giving spirit. She has taught me so much about giving.

25- I love her common sense.

26- I love her sense of awareness.

27- I love her intensity.

28- I love her leadership qualities.

29- I love how she always has time for me.

30- I love having root beer floats together.

31- I love that she likes to go fishing with me.

32- I love how we get each other’s jokes.

33- I love how she supports my running.

34- I love that she is involved with our kids’ school events.

35- I love taking walks together.

36- I love shopping together.

37- I love doing yard work together.

38- I love that we can just look at each and know what the other one is thinking.

39- I love dreaming about the future together.

40- I love remembering the past together.

41- I love laughing together.

42- I love holding her hand.

43- I love to hear others talk about her. People are attracted to her.

44- I love that we can eat cereal for dinner.

45- I love that she prays for others.

46- I love her voice. My favorite is when she sings worship songs.

47- I love how she loves others.

48- I love watching her teach our kids life lessons.

49- I love our talks over lunch when the kids are at school.

50- I love dropping the kids off at school together.

51- I love watching sunsets together.

52- I love looking at the stars together.

53- I love her ability to look at things from a positive standpoint.

54- I love that we were married at 22 and 19. There's a chance we will celebrate 70 years someday.

55- I love getting snow-cones on hot summer nights together.

56- I love driving by our old houses together.

57- I love looking at Christmas lights together.

58- I love our date nights.

59- I love going to concerts together.

60- I love watching her sleep.

61- I love that our anniversary is in December. EVERYBODY has a summer anniversary. We are different.

62- I love her witty charm.

63- I love watching her laugh with our kids.

64- I love being on the same team.

65- I love traveling together.

66- I love her ability to love others right where they are.

67- I love watching her get excited about snow.

68- I love holding her.

69- I love being the shoulder for her to cry on.

70- I love that she is the shoulder for me to cry on.

71- I love going on long road trips together.

72- I love her heart. It’s a pure heart. It’s a loving heart.

73- I love her caring spirit.

74- I love her discernment.

75- I love her attention to detail.

76- I love her laugh.

77- I love eating chips and salsa together.

78- I love saying hello in the morning.

79- I love saying goodnight in the evening.

80- I love kissing her.

81- I love hugging her.

82- I love that we get to grow old together.

83- I love making breakfast together on Saturday mornings.

84- I love April 22nd and celebrating her birthday.

85- I love our late night phone calls when we are apart.

86- I love being her husband.

87- I love being the father to her children.

88- I love being the person who makes her smile.

89- I love helping her get through a bad day.

90- I love challenging her.

91- I love encouraging her.

92- I love listening to her.

93- I love that we get to do life together.

94- I love LOVING her.

95- I love that she reads her Bible.

96- I love praying together.

97- I love that she loves Jesus more than she loves me.

98- I love that she forgives. If you do not know our story, click here. She forgave when she didn't have to.

99- I love that today is our 16th anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Shayla. We make a great team. Let’s make 2016 the best yet.

I love you.