Spring is HERE, so long wintertime blues.

My favorite season is the fall when the leaves change colors, the weather cools, and snow is in the horizon. I love fall. However, as my favorite season approaches each year, there is a dark, difficult season right behind it.


I love snow but I don’t like the feelings I get during the long and drawn out winter season. I struggle with the wintertime blues.

The sun goes down early. The evenings are long. I feel tired.

In a perfect world; the fall would be longer, winter would be shorter (with snowflakes every day of course!), and spring would come earlier.

Guess what?? SPRING IS COMING!

The birds are chirping. The daffodils are starting to stretch out to shine bright for the world to see. The sun is out longer. There is new life!


We can go outside and enjoy the warm afternoons. We can schedule play dates at the park. We can watch the kids ride bikes in the neighborhood.

I have been thinking recently about how the wintertime blues affect me. I can correlate this to seasons in my own spiritual life. I have seasons of joy, peace, calmness, freedom, grace, and love. This is my spring season through the fall season. Then there are times that I cannot get up early enough to read my Bible, I have no love, I live in paralyzing fear, and I am swallowed up by doubt. It is hard to face the day.

I experience the wintertime blues.

But…spring is coming.

I know that during such spiritual seasons, I am lacking God’s word. When I am spending time reading the Bible and the promises my heavenly Father gives me, I see blooming flowers, the sunshine of hope, and the gift of new life stretching out to shine bright for the world to see.

I see Jesus.


We all have seasons in our lives.

Some seasons are longer than others.

But through it all, there can be hope.

A sense of peace and a new season is right around the corner.

Many people are stuck in a dark and difficult season. They might not understand fully what Jesus did for them on that cross. Maybe they do not fully understand that Jesus rose from the grave just three days later to give new life, to give you a spring season. It is difficult for them to accept this gift because of a season of their life.

The shame is just too strong. The addiction has a grasp on their heart. The struggle is never ending.


Jesus paid it all on the cross. He rose from the grave three days later so you can experience new life. He has not looked back on your dark seasons. He wants a season full of life, a life full of His grace and mercy, a life of freedom from the past. Jesus wants this for you exactly where you are. You do not have to “clean up” and start going to church for Jesus to love you. You do not have to read your Bible enough or say the “Christian” things.

What season are you in? Are you grasping for hope? Are you thriving and feeling complete? Wherever you find yourself today, there is a new season right around the corner. Put your trust in Jesus. Surrender your life to Him. Dive into God’s word. Find a reading plan. The Bible is the full of life.

If you are reading this and you do not know where to start, reach out to us. You can contact us at info@anguishedhearts.com or message us on Facebook. We will guide you in the right direction towards a new season in your life.

The winter time blues can look a lot better when you rely on Jesus for your strength. Do not let the blues steal the joys of the other seasons in your life.

Remember, spring is here.