The Day After Sale

The day after any holiday is the day to pick up stuff for cheap: 50% off, 75% off, or even 90% off! Valentine’s Day is no different as the shelves of department stores probably look like a tornado came through today as the day after 2/14.

Valentine’s Day is a day for candy (yum!). It is a day for flowers (overpriced flowers I might add). It is a day of perfectly created red and pink hearts; symmetrical without any blemishes.

It is a feel good type of holiday full of love and romance.

Last week, our son had his Valentine’s Day party at pre-school. One of their craft projects during the party was to piece together a heart that had been cut into strips with each letter of his name. He glued the pieces together to reconstruct a perfect heart. The irony in the project was that it was in pieces before the beautiful result.


Isn’t that life sometimes? Your heart shatters for many different reasons. It could be death, friendships, marriage, family, addictions, illness, or even cancer. I could go on and on. There are so many things that bring on pain. There are so many things that bring on hurt. There are so many things that can shatter a heart.

In December, our hearts were broken.

It was actually Christmas day. We received word from a close friend that was one of those “punch you in the gut” type messages. It said this:

Please pray. Jerry went to a specialist this week for serious pain in his tongue. He is going to have a biopsy done to see if it is CANCER.

Our hearts were shattered. Our hearts were not the pretty, symmetrical, pink or red shiny ones you see at Valentine’s Day. Our hearts were broken from Christmas Day to Valentine’s Day.

Jerry has endured pain, surgeries, drainage, doctor visits, specialists, medical bills…you name it because the results came back…CANCER.

Teams of prayer warriors began to pray. There were prayers for answers, healing, strength, comfort, and ultimately a miracle. But through it all, Jerry and his wife Pat kept proclaiming one thing regardless of the outcome.

HE is writing a beautiful story.

Jesus is writing a beautiful story.


Jerry had surgery last week to remove a tumor on his tongue and lymph nodes as a precaution. We have received word today (2/15/16) that he is heading home! Thank you Jesus.

Jerry is strong. He is a fighter. He is a husband. He is a dad. He is a grandpa. He is a friend to many. He is our friend.

He has had such a huge role in our own journey.

For over 25 years, Jerry has operated Grace Counseling. Throughout his career, he has helped thousands of people through biblical counseling. He helped us heal. He helped us grow closer to Jesus. He spoke truth. He loved us right where we were at.

When we met Jerry for the first time, our hearts were shattered much like our son’s craft project from last week. But the glue that mended our shattered hearts was only found when we put our trust in Jesus.

We do not know why bad things happen to good people. Jerry has spent his whole life pouring his heart into others and sharing hope with the broken. But through it all, Jerry has not lost his focus on his creator. He has never faded from his love of Jesus.

He is writing a beautiful story.

We are asking people to pray for Jerry and Pat. We are thankful for the answered prayers so far but the healing process needs prayer as well.

If you would like to help financially, you can click here.

Jerry and Pat, we love you more than words can express.

Maybe you are reading this and the outcome wasn’t the same as Jerry’s outcome. Maybe you lost a loved one to cancer as both Bryan and I have. Maybe the illness wasn’t healed. Eternally, there is only one healer and his name is Jesus.

There will be a day when death and pain is defeated. Believers of Jesus are promised this in Revelation 21:4.

He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.” (NLT)

Today could be the day that you put your trust in Jesus and know that no matter what life may bring you; there can be a glue to repair your shattered heart. Put your trust in Jesus and let him be the one to heal your heart.

Let Jesus write a beautiful story using YOU as the main character.

We love you Jerry,