Why Today?


Why October 2nd? For the past 8 years, October 2nd has shown up on the calendar. For 8 years we both have known what October 2nd means. It brings up emotions such as hurt, pain, hatred, anxiety, disbelief, fear, doubt, and anguish. October 2, 2006 was the day that our marriage was over. Here we are, 9 years later and we are reclaiming this date. We are using October 2nd as a new beginning, a new chapter in our marriage, and a day to look forward to as a celebration.

We are using TODAY as the day we launch our ministry: Anguished Hearts. 

9 years ago on this date, Shayla found her answer after months of searching. Our marriage of nearly 7 years had become nothing more than two strangers living under the same roof. During this time, Bryan chose to step out of our marriage and began an affair with another woman. The marriage that we had known for the past 7 years was over on that morning. Divorce was now a viable option and unless a miracle took place, there would be no more Bryan and Shayla. 

A miracle did happen…

About a year ago, we had a stirring deep within our soul to do something. We had no idea what “something” meant. What we did know is that we have a story. We have a story of hope, forgiveness, grace, redemption, and restoration. We knew that we HAD to do something with our story.

We could no longer hoard it and keep it to ourselves because we were called to share our story with the world. However, THIS IS NOT ABOUT OUR STORY.

Anguished Hearts begins today. Help us share our story with the world. Will you join us?




Be a light,

Bryan & Shayla