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Hope givers. Jesus followers.

We are bryan & SHayla Moffitt.

Anguished Hearts was founded to use our story as a bridge to your story. No matter the situation, struggle, or sin that you're facing, our desire is to encourage you, challenge you, and love you right where you are.

We have been married nearly 20 years but after 6 years of marriage, it was over. But that wasn't the end of our story. 

Our story is one of hope, forgiveness, and restoration.  

One of us likes coffee. The other runs marathons.

WElcome to AH. 

There is hope.

Bryan & Shayla


How can we serve you? How can we partner together to bring hope to your audience? We have many options to create an impactful event.


Find helpful tools and encouragement. Get the AH 33-Day Bible Reading and Journaling Plan, learn about our Marriage Mentoring, and much more.

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Alcohol. Drugs. Pornography. Pain killers. Work. The list goes on and on. Addictions and substance abuse are killing marriages and destroying families.


Watch this short video to hear our story. 


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We exist to lead broken people into a powerful relationship with Jesus.